Sound Body Sound Mind Fitness LLC offers group fitness and training classes!

Research shows that overall fitness is best achieved when different training formats are involved. With our help, you reduce weight, achieve endurance, and build a stronger body. Additionally, we save you money because our exercise classes are available for some of the most reasonable rates in the area. Improve your health with Pilates workouts and group fitness training from our facility in Arvada, Colorado.

1Our Philosophy

Owner-instructor Amy Melnick has 21 years of experience as a nurse and fitness instructor. She started Sound Body Sound Mind Fitness to link fitness and total body health. Her passion is to show how exercise promotes balance in the body’s systems.

2Our Goal

Our goal is to provide challenging yet safe and effective workouts while providing a variety of exericse formats. At the same time providing education on the benefits of exercise for the body and the mind.

3We Offer:

Boot Camp, Spinning, Kickbox, R.I.P.T.!, 20/20/20, Piloxing., Balletone, Zumba, Pilates w/Reformer Bar, Yoga,Tai Chi/Yoga Fusion, Strength & Interval Training, Latin Dance, AND OUR NEW FIT WALL SECTION!

4Willpower & Grace:

A sound workout should leave you feeling energized, sucessful and ready to meet the challenges of the day, knowing you burned calories and took a great step in keeping your body healthy and strong!